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How does it work?



Choose a date and time that suits you and book online and pay for your health screen. The cost includes both initial and follow up consultation

The health screen is 60 minutes and includes an additional 30 minute follow up consultation usually 1-4 weeks after the health screen depending on the tests taken). Allow some time to complete your online questionnaire thoroughly.

The online questionnaire covers all areas of your health and will allow your Doctor to have a good understanding of your health concerns before the health screening appointment.

Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment and wait to be called into the surgery. You will be asked to provide a urine specimen so drink plenty of water before you arrive as well. We usually ask patients to arrive having fasted from 10pm the night before so we can perform accurate blood tests, so bring a snack with you so you can eat straight after your blood tests.

Most patients will have blood tests straight way, but patients undertaking FDX biomarker blood testing may be asked to book in for a dedicated appointment as the blood testing process is more complicated (we have to centrifuge and process the sample prior to courier collection).

You will be given a range of options depending on the health screen findings and we book your follow up appointment to discuss your test results.

At the follow up appointment many patients simply are reassured and discharged. For some patients who tests reveal medical conditions we may recommend further tests.

A good example of this is the Cardioscan myPatch remote Holter device. More information about the myPatch device can be found here. Some patients will need referral to a specialist, and we may make suggestions for more detailed testing (such as gut testing). Our platinum health screens include a 60 minute appointment with Christine Bailey with the results of your FDX biomarker panel blood tests. The FDX test results and comprehensive report usually take 3 weeks to come back as the report is very detailed.

Some will choose to use our wellness team to pursue their health goals and improve their overall health and you can book appointments for personal training, Yoga or Nutritional therapy once your health screen results have been discussed with you.

For some patients with chronic or ongoing health concerns follow up will be recommended to support you and some patients use a Functional Medicine approach to optimise their health at this stage . This could include wearable health technology. More information about the Functional Medicine approach can be found in the Functional Medicine section of our website.

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