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Dr Shilpa Davé


I have now spent 20  years in medicine and am an experienced GP practising both in the NHS and privately.

My roots in Indian tradition and ayurvedic medicine had always fascinated me and I discovered Functional Medicine as I sought out strategies for coping and recovery from my own health challenges. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner my goals for my patients are to use lifestyle factors, nutrition and wellbeing as treatments alongside the latest conventional medical guidelines.

My own FM journey helped my thyroid underactivity and has given me a unique insight into delivering bespoke personalized lifestyle medicine to my patients.

A combined approach is best where conventional medicine acts as the platform for adding a Functional Medicine Approach, and the sections of the website on Balance, Burnout and Menopause outline our holistic approach at Shilpa Davé Health. The greatest health gains can often be found in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. By integrating these into your health journey with a Functional Medicine approach supported by our team of passionate practitioners, we can help you not just be healthy but revitalise your everyday life, work-life balance, and relationships with food, people and your family. Staying well, living mindfully, strong and with purpose. Our 2022 CQC Inspection gave us a lot of positive feedback and confirmed that we are on the right track to deliver the best medical care we can offer. You can read the report below.

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