Menopause Pathway Plan

Menopause Pathway Plan - Bundle of Step 1-4 £345

Menopause pathway Step 1


An initial appointment for 60 minutes. Please ensure you have completed the detailed questionnaire provided.

At this appointment we will talk through your symptoms as well as your nutrition and lifestyle. We can discuss blood tests and have these taken at the time of the appointment. We can also examine whether an approach based on functional medicine would be of benefit. 

Menopause pathway Step 2


A review appointment for 20 minutes a follow up appointment at 1 week, if blood test results need to be discussed. To formulate your personalised plan and whether additional detailed functional medicine testing may be of benefit. Patients can sometimes benefit from help from our wellness team, which can help with relaxation, sleep, weight loss, muscle strengthening.
Menopause pathway Step 3


A review appointment for 20 minutes after 6 weeks to discuss any issues and to ensure all is going well. To go over any concerns you may have.
Menopause pathway Step 4


Follow up appointment for 30 mins, usually after 3 months. At this stage we would discuss if we should change your dose or type of HRT, as well as revisiting how you are generally feeling.

Thereafter you can decide to book further reviews with Dr. Shilpa at intervals according to your needs.

Purchase of the bundle includes all steps and we will not issue refunds on individual stages.  

Prices differ for members . We ask that they book the appointment times as stated for each step and inform us that they want to discuss the menopause.