FDX Blood Testing

Your Functional Health Report

The FDX Functional Health Report is the result of a detailed algorithmic analysis of your blood test results. Our analytical and interpretive software analyses the blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in your body.

"Normal" Is Not Optimal

Most patients who feel “unwell” will come out “normal” on a blood test. Clinical experience suggests that these people are by no means “normal” and are a far cry from being functionally optimal.

The problem is that “normal” reference ranges usually represent “average” populations rather than the optimal level required to maintain good health. Most “normal” ranges are too broad to adequately detect health problems before they become pathology and are not useful for detecting the emergence of dysfunction.

The Functional Approach

The functional approach to blood tests analysis is oriented around changes in physiology and not pathology.

We use ranges that are based on optimal physiology and not the “normal” population. This results in a tighter “Functional Physiological Range”, which allows us to evaluate the area within the “Normal” range that indicates that something is not quite right in the physiological systems associated with this biomarker. This gives us the ability to detect changes in your physiological “function”.

We can identify the factors that obstruct you from achieving optimal physiological, biochemical, and metabolic functioning in your body.

Another thing that separates FDX is we are not simply looking at one individual biomarker at a time in a linear report of the data.

We use trend analysis between the individual biomarkers to establish your otherwise hidden trend towards or away from a functional health optimal.

How It Works

The FDX Functional Health Report uniquely organises and creates an interpretation of your blood test results. Providing a comprehensive insight and assessment into the state of previously hidden health trends of the main body systems. Its supporting body accessory systems, along with reporting on the status of key nutrients and trends to and from clinical dysfunction.

You will receive a 50 – 75 page report of health findings depending on which test you have taken.

What You Will Find In Your Report

Your Patient FunctionalDX Health Report covers 4 areas;

An introduction into blood chemistry analysis and your report.

Your view into your health through an in-depth functional system and nutrient evaluation.

A full breakdown of all individual biomarker results, showing distance from optimal, comparative and historical views.

Highly detailed and interpretive descriptions of the results presented in each of the assessment and analysis section reports.




The appendices contain highly detailed descriptions and interpretation explanations of the results presented in each of the reports in the assessment and analysis sections.

Here you will be able to read in depth what each biomarker means, see the patterns used in the algorithmic analysis and see what factors have gone into the creation of the health trend assessment levels reported. This section is both informative and highly educational.