Dr Shilpa Davé


I am an NHS and Private GP and have lived and worked locally as a Family GP for over 20 years. I have worked as a Private GP for over 10 years which has allowed me to pursue special interests as a fully accredited Functional Medicine Practitioner. I am passionate about exploring the root causes of disease looking at nutrition, gut health, stress and lifestyle as triggers and solutions for poor health. Menopause, cancer screening, and general health for patients in their mid-life is where I feel I make the most difference. At heart I am a family GP and most enjoy looking after whole families. With a big family (3 children) of my own I understand the daily pressures of family life and I am passionate about using the extra time and attention I can give our Practice Members to keep them and their family well and living the best version of themselves. During my 25 years of Medicine, I have connected to the top Specialists in London and have great working relationships with them. I genuinely care about my patients getting better and my reviews online seem to support this. I am open and honest and will do my best to help anyone who sees me.