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Strala Yoga Guide. Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher. Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Yoga Teacher.

Nicky Dye has been practising yoga and mindfulness for 20 years while pursuing a corporate career in the airline industry.  Nicky became a Strala Yoga Guide in 2014 and has been teaching yoga full time since then.

Strala Yoga combines the movement and healing wisdom of yoga, tai chi and qigong, and is infused with the principles of Chinese and Japanese Medicine. 

Nicky is passionate about supporting people back to optimal health & wellness.  Trained in the Yoga Medicine approach, she uses a Chinese Medicine evaluation to build a big picture of each client, in order to create a highly personalised yoga treatment plan.  Modalities include different styles of yoga, breath work, acupressure, myofascial release, massage, meditation and visualisation.  Beginners are welcome, and flexibility is not required!

Particular areas of interest include sleep, women’s health and fertility, as well as mental health for adults and teens.

Nicky organises the annual conference for the Teen Yoga Foundation, bringing together leading researchers and teachers from all over the world to share their expertise.  She is also a positive mental health ambassador and teaches yoga and mindfulness to teens.


  • Women’s Health & Fertility, (Chinese Medicine module), Yoga Medicine
  • Shiatsu Level 3 Diploma, BSY (in progress)
  • Mental Health Fundamentals; Essentials for Practice and Teaching Yoga, with leading Yoga Therapist, Lisa Kaley-Isley
  • Chinese Medicine Immersion with Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga Medicine
  • 100 hour Advanced Strala Yoga Training / Shiatsu
  • 100 hour Advanced Strala Yoga Training / Leadership
  • Teen Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training
  • 300 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training with appleyoga
  • Sleep Recovery™ Teacher Training
    Mental Health & Wellness, (Chinese Medicine module), Yoga Medicine

Yoga/Mindfulness/Sleep Sessions with Nicky Dye

  • These can take a variety of forms, group/individual/private at home/online. Typically patients take 3-6 sessions of therapeutic Yoga to gain the most benefit.

  • Private sessions are available in the studio on Waldegrave Road or in Claygate. Individual sessions are £70 for 45 minutes, and involves a detailed review by Nicky of your medical records and needs (which is why it is a higher cost than her standard classes) in order to give you a completely personal programme for your wellness journey. Sometimes Nicky will suggest a series of sessions for example to improve your sleep

  • - please do not book these directly with Nicky but via our email address.

  • You are under no obligation to take up classes suggested but we will only recommend sessions that are suitable for your health needs and fit in with your health goals and wishes. All patients have a choice around their care and treatment options and we are here to help and guide you, with you being free to decide the care we provide


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