The Traditional Family GP Model is dying

The Traditional Family GP Model is Dying: Embracing Patient-Centric Care


In recent years, the traditional family GP model has been facing a steady decline as chains of private GP surgeries owned by hospital groups, particularly in London, have rapidly expanded. These groups often offer short consultations with different doctors each time and have limited on-site services, often operating in rented rooms within other healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, this model falls short in providing comprehensive care for patients with chronic conditions, mental health concerns, or those in need of regular follow-ups, such as menopausal women. As a result, the traditional family GP, who served as a pillar of continuity and comprehensive care for whole families, is gradually fading away. However, at Shilpa Dave Health, we have embraced a patient-centric approach and remain committed to preserving the essence of the traditional family GP model.


At Shilpa Dave Health, we believe that your health is of utmost importance. Unlike the random rotation of doctors seen in many chain clinics, we provide you with a named GP whom you will see every time you visit. We are deeply invested in your well-being and strive to optimize your physical, mental, and spiritual health. By viewing our patients as part of our extended family, we focus on disease prevention and prioritize personalized care to help you live your best life.


Listening is at the heart of our practice. We dedicate ample time to truly understand your concerns and provide you with a safe space to be heard. Unlike the rushed 10 or 15-minute consultations common in many clinics, we take your concerns seriously and value your opinion with most appointments being 30 minutes. We involve you fully in all aspects of your care, respecting your wishes and building a strong doctor-patient relationship. Our aim is to get to know you and your family, fostering a sense of trust and understanding.


Unlike the chains of clinics that may leave your health concerns half sorted or wait for others to sort them out, at Shilpa Dave Health, your personal, named GP takes responsibility for solving your health issues. We don't rely on external parties to fix problems; we take a proactive approach. With over 60 years of combined medical experience, our team surrounds themselves with the best specialists in London to ensure the highest level of care is provided swiftly and as a cohesive team effort.


At Shilpa Dave Health, we go beyond the surface and delve into the root causes of disease with our Functional Medicine approach. Our care is centred around the principles of good nutrition, exercise, and mental health. We identify risk factors and strive to prevent disease, offering support to enhance your overall health and well-being through lifestyle and functional medicine approaches. By utilizing cutting-edge algorithmic blood testing and genetic screening, we can identify and modify health risks, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health.

While the traditional family GP model may be declining as chains of private GP surgeries owned by hospital groups expand, at Shilpa Dave Health, we remain committed to delivering patient-centric care. By embracing our core values of Care, Listen, Act, and Improve, we strive to provide a level of care that is distinctly different from the impersonal and fragmented approach seen in many chain clinics. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the comprehensive and personalized care you deserve, empowering you to lead a healthier and happier life.

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Dr Shilpa Davé
Director Shilpa Davé Heath